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Hi I'm Valentin, young French developer of 21 years old. I started this game in December 2019 from scratch after playing my first wargame for a couple of hours. Working alone on it with my brother who's responsible for the art.

  • Worldwide online multiplayer (soon on mobile too).
  • Over 900 units
  • Customizable units (Rockets, bombs, drop tank, torpedo, trucks, half tracks, horses etc)
  • rank and experience system for the units, and the player
  • Any country you want to play
  • unit editor (Create or modify any unit you want)
  • tile editor (create or modify any tile you want)
  • country editor (Create any country you want)
  • map editor allowing you to recreate any battle of your choice (up to 300 x 300 hexes and above if your PC can handle it)
  • Easy modding.
  • Customizable strategic map.
  • An entire Europe map
  • An entire Pacific map
  • An entire Eastern front map
  • A campaign for major countries, with a core-unit system (Keeping units between scenarios)
  • A supply line mechanics (Optional)
  • Blowing up or repairing bridges mechanics
  • Diving / going to surface, and spotting mechanics with submarines
  • Retreat, surrender, capture mechanics
  • morale mechanics (Optional)
  • season mechanics + weather mechanics + clouds (Optional)
  • No time limit to complete scenarios if you don't want to

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