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Melody of Iris

This product includes ONLY the Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Tradition Chinese versions of the game - other languages will NOT be available.

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Thousands of miles in the blue sky, the streets and alleys are covered with transparent water,
The sea breeze is blowing, and the air is slightly cool.
Yiqing, a medium-sized city surrounded by the warm sea.
In today's rapid development,
Still keeping its original quietness and tranquility peacefully and steadily.
Long breakwaters, seagulls gliding in the wind,
Glossy buildings, rushed but not impetuous crowd.
Nature and modernity are perfectly combined here.
In midsummer July, Ye Zixiang, who is about to face the college entrance examination for fine arts,
All alone returned to this long-lost old city.
The waves still beat the long breakwater silently.
Why did you leave at the beginning, and why come back now?
Crossroads formed by reunion in various senses,
Obviously blocked in front of him.
"I should... keep going."
It’s not just the paintbrush that needs to be picked up again,
It's not just exams that can't be avoided.
With confusion about the past and determination to move forward,
The boy returned to the beginning of everything, ready to set off again.
In this leisurely city,
In this ordinary summer,
An inseparable encounter,
An unforgettable melody,
Cogwheels of fate between people,
Started slowly but unstoppably.

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