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Last Tide

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  • Vicious Sharks
    Hunt or hide from ferocious sharks including Great Whites, Hammerheads, and more. Challenge the gigantic Megalodon which roams the map for an intense boss fight that rewards an exclusive weapon!
  • A Twist on Survival
    Every 8 hours players are thrown into an epic Battle Royale event!
  • Powerful Aquatic Equipment
    Master unique equipment and mechanics! Shoot Chum Grenades to make sharks attack your enemies! Use Flares to reveal and flush out hidden enemies. Grappling Hooks pull you around the map, draw enemies closer, and even save teammates from danger! Power up your weapon's barrel to hide bubble trails or reveal hit enemies. Real world underwater firearms, spear guns, and more combine to create tense aquatic warfare!
  • Dive into Battle
    Launch into battle using high speed torpedo-like Divepods! Relaunch and tactically position with Divepod Stations scattered throughout the map.
  • Underwater Environment
    Water physics let you swim to new angles of attack. Explore coral reefs and sunken bases rendered with world-leading underwater light absorption tech. The latest HRTF technology creates an immersive soundscape with realistic sound spatialization. Best of all there is no fall damage underwater!
  • Dress to Impress
    Earn Clams from every match and spend them on cosmetic items! To earn even more, treasure hunt for lost artifacts hidden throughout the map!
  • Compete for Glory
    Build an arsenal and take down other players as you compete for points in a dynamic bounty system. Bounty leaders will have their zone broadcasted to the rest of the server—how long can you stay on top?

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Last Tide

I played this game at launch when it was an excellent battle royale. It was a lot of fun, but as we all know, it, like Depth, just doesn't have the player base to support a 100 player battle royale. This isn't the devs fault. They're a small indie studio that I'm sure are trying their best. Reading a lot of these comments is very disheartening for me as a player, so I can't imagine what it must feel like for the people who made what is really an excellent game. I think Hunt mode, while not what I originally purchased the game for, is a good game in its own right and shows us that the devs haven't abandoned this project. So I just wanted to post this and show Digital Confectioners a little love. Thanks for all your hard work. Create for the fans, learn from the haters. Good luck and have fin!
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