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After the revolution, humanity’s efforts to meld cold robotics and nature have paid off. Earth has revitalized itself – and now the global utopia once thought impossible has become a reality. This bio-mechanical paradise has emerged thanks in no small part to a steady disarmament campaign.

Yet even in times of absolute peace, shadowy secrets lurk. Several weapon research facilities remain operational; hidden from the public eye, they’re kept alive as an ‘insurance policy’ against unforeseen threats. Within these clandestine halls, scientists work tirelessly to design powerful combat systems never before imagined by humankind. When a security breach threatens one of these facilities (Arch City), you’ll take control of the most advanced hardware ever developed: a Human-Operated Remote Droid prototype.

Elite pilots of the advanced H.O.R.D. chassis are tasked with blasting through endless squads of rebellious bots. These aren't just your average Serve N' Show bots either - Charge Bots, Slice Bots, Bouncing Betties, Crab Bots, and Hyper Turrets, to name a few. Surviving that maelstrom, well, no one has made it. Yet.

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