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M506 Tec


M506 Tec

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Babylon is to be destroyed.

Ilum is an open-world game that includes elements of exploration, action and city destruction. Taking place in ancient Babylon and the surrounding region, including cities like Borsippa, Sippar, Kutha and Kish, among others. The year is 539 BC, the time when the Babylonian empire feel to the Persians and its Jewish captives released from servitude after 70 years. As prophesied, Babylon is to be destroyed. Ilum accurately depicts archaeological findings and cuneiform inscriptions from buildings such as the Tower of Babel, Hanging Gardens and Nebuchadnezzar's palaces. Voice-acted in Akkadian language in a Biblical and Babylonian mythological background.

  • All Buildings Furnished - Every single house, building, palace, temple and ziggurat in the game contain characters, furniture and you can get inside. They are thousands!
  • All Objects Destructible - All objects in the game are independent from each other and can be destroyed for releasing points. From a small water cup on a table inside a house to the biggest temple standing in the city!
  • All characters playable - There are thousands of characters walking around the streets of the cities and inside the houses, from 20 different social classes. You can control any of them if you manage to convert them!
  • 100 quests - These are linear quests that unlocks the game progress. Reach the indicated checkpoints and accomplish the quest to be able to proceed further in the game. As you travel, you will be exploring the beautiful scenery in a 224 km2 map!
  • 20 idol gods bosses - Each character in the game has a patron idol god that you can battle with. If you destroy it, the character is then "converted" and you can play as him!

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