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The greatest characters of history and mythology have been brought together in this marvelous one-of-a-kind turn-based party RPG. Enjoy their tales in Story Mode, play a quick skirmish in Quick Play, or match wits with other players in Online PvP! Play as fan favorites such as Dracula, Zorro, Sherlock Holmes, Rosie the Riveter, Joan of Arc, Athena, Thor, and Robin Hood! Over 30 playable characters. New characters, stories, and the content will be released monthly!

  • Assemble your Team - Build your team of heroes and/or villains. As you play the game you will earn experience and gain levels. Gaining levels makes your team more powerful and able to take on stronger foes. As you play the Story Mode you will unlock new characters that are ready to use in battle! Certain characters must be unlocked through the Heroes screen with points you earn by playing any of the game modes. Over 30 characters are currently available with new characters being added monthly.
  • Enjoy Tales of Yore - Enjoy three full featured campaigns that include 10 chapters each. Learn about trials and tribulations of your favorite characters. Unlock new characters in the story to build your dream team! New campaigns will be added monthly.
  • Match wits Online - Match your wits against other players online! Earn experience and levels for your characters and compete in the monthly leader board. Find out whose Team are the ultimate Heroes of Yore!

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