Gremlins, Inc.

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description Description and requirements

This is an intense strategy board game in a steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins who compete for money, political power and prestige. Save and invest, steal and extort, arrest and get arrested – in single-player and multiplayer, with ranks and ladders, team mode and spectator mode. Featuring seasonal content updates, regular tournaments, item drops, full support of Steam Community Market – and more!

Gremlins, Inc. is designed for up to 6 players, in multiplayer or in single-player mode (with AI bots). Each player has 6 cards on their hand (replenished from the same deck) and uses them either to move around the playing field or to perform different game actions. There is a lot of interaction with other players, and duels are significantly different from 3-player or 4-player games. You can play until a certain score limit, or until agreed number of rounds, or for time limit. The game offers both custom and ranked sessions (with matchmaking by rating).

  • This is an intense strategy game: make decisions at every round! Plan your moves, then adjust to the actions of the other players and new cards drawn.
  • The design of the playing field and the multiple layers of optional features (that you can turn on or off, as you wish) allow for a variety of strategies. The more you play, the more roads to victory you discover, using a combination of features based on the particular setup of the session.
  • The game offers a diverse resource system that allows for many comeback chances even after you're robbed or arrested (or both). With score, money, votes, malice, income and bribes, the tension often remains until the very last round.
  • The multilayer mode of the game features a system of ratings, ladders and ranked sessions: compete in a specific league, and take part in the regularly organised tournaments with over 1 000 participants. A system of anonymous masks allows everyone to compete on equal terms in a ranked session.
  • Every season since its release in 2016, the game receives FREE content and feature updates (balancing changes, new cards, new in-game items, new music). We are committed to continue developing this product – based on player feedback!
  • Additionally, the game offers over 10 single-player challenges plus the option to create custom single-player sessions with different settings and a different mix of AI bots.
  • Finally, there's the team mode where victory is determined not only by strategic skill, but also by communication and coordination of each team, which is an entirely different layer of game mechanics.

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good game

Fun game that involves a fair amount of forward planning, provided you wont get too ♥♥♥♥♥♥ when everything comes crashing down around your plans are ultimately foiled. Gremlins Inc involves skill, luck, and has the potential to suddenly screw you really hard when you're INCHES away from screwing everyone else. Like.. hard. And in the butt, too.

For my group, a game might last 1-2 hours (though we're probably slow cause we're casual). Play cards to move around the map and land on special tiles that do something minor. Hang on to good cards to be played on "house tiles" that have special properties and to generate money, political power, evil points, or win points. If you've got high political points, you can become mayor (elections every 20 rounds). The mayor has several benefits like they don't have to bribe police or pay on fee tiles, so this means you can get to the coveted "Astral Plane" tile with ease.

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The biggest bang for the buck in my library.

- Distinctive art style and music.
- Fun mix of board game, card game and strategy.
- Addictive gameplay. Every game is different.
- Team mode.
- Ability to modify decks to play with your friends or bots.
- Spectator mode.
- Regular tournaments.
- Friendly community.

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