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Why you should buy GearCity:

  • You’re looking for a complex management simulator game.
  • You’d like to create your own car make.
  • You’d like to make business decisions influenced by historical events. 

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If you were searching for a business management simulator, look no further. GearCity is the ultimate automobile company simulation experience you’ve been waiting for. Developed by Visual Entertainment And Technologies, this game allows you to become an owner of a car company, design vehicles, manage their production, and sell them at the best price to become as successful as such brands as Ford or Benz. 

Create your make

Start your company and manage every detail of your business, from designing cars to setting prices and selling them. GearCity is not only a realistic simulator game but also a historically accurate one. That means you’ll have to take into consideration all historical events that happened throughout the time, like World War I and The Great Depression, while making economic choices. Moreover, the sales you make are also influenced by other factors, such as population, market growth rates, and inflation. 

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Design, build and manage  

Design the cars and choose whether you want to use cheap parts to lower prices or create more expensive vehicles. Manage production lines and budget, hire employees, and distribute supplies. Keep updated with the latest selling rates and your cars’ reviews by reading the newspaper, which also provides you with news from the world that may influence your business. Don’t forget about the marketing aspect of owning a company. Fund racing drivers to advertise your make.   

Ultimate simulator 

GearCity is a detailed and accurate business management simulator that will keep you entertained for hours due to its complexity and depth. The game also offers several maps with hundreds of cities and various regions. Although GearCity’s graphic design is simplistic, it features a 3D car creator with plenty of options and settings.  

Buy GearCity on GAMIVO

GearCity features

  • A complex management simulator, 
  • Designing cars,
  • Making business decisions, 
  • Historical accuracy, 
  • Several maps with hundreds of cities and various regions. 

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
System Windows XP, 32-bit Windows 7, 64-bit
Processor 1.2 GHz 3 GHz
Graphics card    128 MB 512 MB
Drive Space 6 GB 10 GB

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