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egor dorogov


egor dorogov



Fay’s Factory is a strategy-rpg. Build a factory and produce complicated spells for your visionary sorceress, argue to the death with both the elites and the working class, travel the world of the magical industrial revolution, and damn - try to make a living among this mess.

  • Build Factories - Magic is not produced from thin air, everybody knows that! Build a factory from sorcery departments, fine-tune them to perfection, add a powerful steam engine - and you are at the forefront of the magical revolution.
  • Fight Duels - Now, what industry should we put out of business first with this new-found power? Dueling, you say? Easy! Ramp up the spell production, and let your sorceress fight Government Bureaus, Inventors' Guilds, and brawlers in the local taverns.
  • Leave a Mark - See how world will react to your past, your big and small choices, a beautiful factory layout or a bad haircut. But don't forget to live your life: kick back in a chair near a fireplace, have a drink at the tavern, or redecorate your little company-issued home.
  • Argue Everybody - It's the revolution, baby, and everyone got ideas — but *yours* are the best one yet. Explain the brilliance of market forces to starving peasants, convince the CEOs to unionize, or be "above" politics - every dumb and great idea is to be argued in the Nation of Debaters.

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