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法洛伊幻境 Fareo Shadowlands

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"Fareo: Shadowlands" is a turn-based SRPG which is both challenging and of deck building depth. The story takes place in Fareo, a world with fast-growing machinery and magic. When the creatures from all over the world were busy blending the flames of war after defeating Sakia, the Dommer, a weird rift appeared in Kolytte, a deserted island. The rift connect the real world to Shadowlands that devour energy to expand. Auland, Chantigard, The Council and Guardians of Nature are grouping their army to investigate the Shadowlands.

  • Ingenious battle mode - Replace the traditional characters' movement with the distinctive "Command Card". In the battle, you can not only experience the pleasure of combat scenes, but also enjoy the satisfaction brought by strategic arrangement.
  • Innovative battlefield transformation - Remove annoying obstacles, or make them the keys to your victory.
  • Unlimited combinations - There are more than 40 heroes with unique skills. Each hero has unique game play and mechanism. There are more than 10 million combinations of equipment and teams. Define victory in your own way!
  • Brand new hunting laws - Unique large creature battle. Make the most of strategy!
  • Challenge the Nightmare - Sakia is attempting to break the seal. Her phantom has been detected in the Shadowlands. Defeat her and finish the impossible mission.

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