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Why should you buy it:
  • You love Formula 1
  • Engine roar is your favorite kind of music
  • You're looking for an exciting racing game with the split-screen option
Official F1 game

F1 2021 is the newest installment in the long-running game series developed by Codemaster. As a licensed game, F1 2021 offers everything that racing fans need. The game features authentic teams, drivers, and carefully recreated circuits, so you can visit Imola or Jeddah without leaving your house.

Engaging game modes

F1 2021 offers diverse game modes. If you just want to drive against F1 stars, chose a casual race or a 10-year career that allows you to participate in the world's most exciting races. You don't have to compete alone because this mode supports up to 2 players, that can eighter cooperate or compete against each other.

Furthermore, you may jump into the middle of the current F1 season thanks to the Real-Season Start option. If you want to race against other players, find worthy opponents in the multiplayer or use the split-screen option.

Maybe you want to use your manager skills? In this case, pick My Team. In this mode, you'll create and manage your F1 team. Which drivers should be signed, which sponsor fits you best, and which car upgrades will be installed? It's all up to you! 

Story mode

Discover Breaking Point, a cinematic story mode that is new to the F1 series. Follow the steps of a young driver who fights his way from Formula 2 to the big league. Enjoy wins and overcome adversities. Experience the lifestyle of F1 stars, and don't let anything prevent you from reaching the top! Especially Devon Butler because the player's rival in F1 2019 makes his comeback. What is his role in Breaking Point? You shall see.

Next-gen graphics

The F1 series is famous for its astonishing graphics. This time the franchise pushes the boundaries of realism even further thanks to next-gen consoles and modern GPU features.

  • Official F1 and F2 license
  • Actual F1 drivers, drivers, and circuits
  • Engaging game modes, including a story mode and 2-player career
  • Multiplayer and split-screen 
  • Astounding graphics

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Average rating: 4.83 (3 votes)
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Really nice game

This game is awesome! The cutscenes in new gamemode look so realistic. The graphics are great. The raytracing implementation is good. Gameplay is really good too
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I'm impressed!

I was a little worried because EA took over the company and did not know what to expect. My expectations were high though. Codemaster listened to the audience and brought us the features we wanted! The game is a big step forward from the last game and it's absolutely a must-have for any F1 fan!
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(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) 

A nice improvement over F1 2020, but...

... with Codemasters now being a part of EA SPORTS, I worry for the future of the series. It's EA.
Take a look at the other EA SPORTS games (NHL, FIFA, Madden) and you'll see what I mean. The series is safe this year and, once again, got plenty of good reviews and scores.
If you're also into new tech, F1 2021 has also ray traced shadows and reflections (which can be enabled separately) and NVIDIA's DLSS.
Having a 1080p monitor, I don't really use since it makes the game quite blurry, but I do use ray traced reflections. There isn't much difference, but I still prefer to enable them.

Get it if you enjoy racing and like F1 and pray for the future of the series...
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