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Just what the flippity mcdippity is Ephemera? It's a partially text-based simulation of life, from birth to death, with all the juicy bits kept in. There's the struggle to earn money, the tireless study for the school exams, and even the pursuit of precious rocks... Because we all know how important that last one is for just about everyone.

If you are someone who enjoys RPG games with a focus on weighing up options, dividing time wisely and making choices that may help you or completely screw you over, this is a title that will likely appeal to you.

  • Character customization. Choose the gender and personality, and when they're grown up, swap out their hairstyle and clothing.
  • Mood management. Keep tabs on 10 aspects of your character's mood during school. It is possible to become angry, stressed, and even depressed during this time. As an adult, look after your physical and mental well-being, and your hunger and thirst.
  • Dialogue choices. Engage in conversation, with multiple-choice dialogue trees seen in RPG games. You can become absolutely inseparable with someone... Or you can make them hate your guts.
  • Gameplay that starts out simple, but becomes more and more open-ended as you progress. By the time your character reaches adulthood they are free to explore their hometown as they see fit.
  • Lots of shopping. Work to earn money and then use it to purchase new tools, materials for a bit of D.I.Y; food and drink, medicine, and even movies... Not to mention a selection of clothes and accessories for your character.
  • Easter eggs. There are some yummy easter eggs! Well, one or two are a little disturbing.

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