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Dungeon Builder S Steam

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The adventurers are always curious about mysterious dungeonAnd now,you will build a new oneTake the Bones of the Adventurer as the materialTake the Souls of th... Read more


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The adventurers are always curious about mysterious dungeon
And now,you will build a new one
Take the Bones of the Adventurer as the material
Take the Souls of the Adventurer as the source of Monster's life
Take the Resentment of the dead as the magic of the Dungeon
Build a world famous Dungeon
To create a frightening monster army
Aim at the top of world, Start!

  • You can decide size of dungeon,terrain and goals of game.Choose different condition, play again, again... again
  • There are many kinds of rooms that can be built,each one have a different function. You can configure the Monsters, or place traps. Some rooms can strengthen the ability. Even,some room can heal or strengthen adventurers.kill adventurers is not the only way in this game.
  • You can create different monster which has different talent, these monsters will be the most powerful regiment to defeat the adventurers. The monsters can be synthesized, they will become a more powerful monster.
  • Adventurers have different occupations, they will be stronger with the evaluation of Dungeon. Adventurers also have different abilities, such as thieves can destroy the traps. Adventurers will also carry a item, you will get the item if they die. Besides,these items have different functions, remember to place it in the room.
  • There are some events in this game. For example, Dwarves will invade your dungeon any time, you have better prepare for this. Room collapsed, you must rebuild a new room.

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