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Dumb Chicken 2, developed by four-man team Odd Chicken, is a stealth puzzler that will invoke your inner ninja and put your reaction time to the test. Sneak your way through 90+ stages, dispatch evil creatures, and rescue your fellow chicken kin.

Over 90 Stages of Stealth Chicken Shenanigans

The Chickens will have to go through some of the most dangerous areas this world has to offer. Locations like the scary graveyard, the ruins on the darkest night, and the great windy desert land. Players may also discover mystery stages that require more thinking than behaving to uncover.

Endless Modes to Test Your Limits

Test yourself in our two endless modes! Dodge cannon fire for as long as you can or parkour across an endless stage as far as your little chicken legs can muster. Either way, players will be pushed to the limit, but a great reward awaits those who succeed. Grabbing gold coins during these endless modes, allows players to upgrade their chicken characters, so they can return and challenge the endless stages, going further than ever before.

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