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Ten thousand years after a neutron star collision destroyed Earth, you and countless others awake from cryosleep in an unknown galaxy… You are settlers in this distant land, and you have the opportunity to rebuild a society in this brand-new solar system. Your role is not defined by a character class, but by the paths you take.

How will you choose to shape your new universe?

  • Create - Build anything your imagination allows and bring whole worlds to life thanks to one of the most advanced voxel technology ever created. In this shared universe, everything you do is persistent, and every player can see what you create! Do you want to build a heart-pounding racetrack or a giant space station to house your industrial complex? Do you want to fly a colossal warship or do you want to kick back at your cabin in the woods? And if you don’t feel like creating, choose to browse the many player-run shops across the system and shop to your heart's desire.
  • Trade - Our player-driven economy builds opportunities for everyone, from captains of industry to artists, miners, and more. Perhaps you want to build wealth by running automated mining units and processing ores into elements? Or perhaps you prefer to create sleek and functional cargo ships? You could also sell codes that control weapons systems in warships or form your empire of arcade machines... Buy anything you’d like in-game or try to build a reputation as a broker and build business partnerships that span an entire solar system.
  • Fight - Fight for high-tier resources, for political domination, for an economic monopoly, or just for the fun of it. Laws protect the core of the Helios system, but out in the far reaches where spoils await the daring, packs and lone wolves are hunting. You can build your war fleet and venture into unknown territory to hunt or patrol the trade lanes to protect your convoys. You can try to conquer an undiscovered asteroid or take control of an "Alien core unit" to harvest its resources... or just stay within the protection of the law. The choice to fight is yours.
  • Lead - Whether they’re building alliances, negotiating peace, manufacturing a market monopoly, or just building a museum to display the work of their artists, leaders across Helios shape the fabric of the game. Will you build connections and collaborate, or compete to win alone? The system is a chessboard, with power to take, influence to win, and market share to claim. Can you make the strategic moves that drive the life of the game?

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