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Dragon Extinction

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Enter a fantasy world where humanity has brought dragons to the brink of extinction.
This ARPG features hundreds of unique items, crafting and procedural dungeons.

  • Collect hundreds of items - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary classes of loot with over 100 unique weapon models with tons of rare variations with unique stats.
  • 4 Person Multiplayer - Connect with Friends or make new allies in glorious multiplayer. Multiplayer encounters will put your teamwork to the ultimate challenge.
  • Fast-paced Combat - Attack, dodge, jump, block in real-time to defeat your enemies or avoid getting hit.
  • Procedural Dungeons - Explore procedurally generated dungeons full of enemies, loot, and a boss at the end.
  • Character Customization - Change the appearance of your character to make them unique.
  • Mining / Gathering - Between fighting enemies you can take a moment to mine or gather resources necessary to improve your chances of survival.
  • Upgrade Weapons/Armor - Use resources to upgrade weapons and armor to improve your characters fighting capabilities.
  • Alchemy - Craft potions to help you survive.
  • Biomes - Explore maps in a wide variety of biomes including Forest, Desert, Snow Forest, Swamp, Volcano, etc

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