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Don't Starve - Mega Pack

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This bundle includes the following:

  • Don’t Starve: Giant Edition
  • Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Console Edition (DLC)
  • Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition

Why you should buy Don’t Starve:

  • You’re looking for a fun survival game set in an odd world.
  • You don’t mind a bit of dark humor.
  • You’d like to try not to starve in a world where everything wants you to die. 

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Don’t Starve

Enter the wilderness and try not to die in Don’t Starve, a survival game from Klei Entertainment. Play as Wilson, a Gentleman Scientist who is trapped in a hostile world in which everything tries to kill him. Build, craft, hunt, fight, and most importantly… try not to starve!     

Try to survive

Wilson suddenly finds himself trapped in a strange and hostile world by a demon. Now, being a science man, he has to use his brain and skills to survive in the wilderness. With no instructions nor help, he has to build himself a shelter, craft, hunt, farm, and avoid being killed by deadly creatures. Here, everything wants you to die. Moreover, you can generate a new map with new environments and threats whenever you want! 

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Don’t Starve characters

Take good care of Wilson, satisfy all his needs, and prevent him from going insane! If you manage to keep him well and alive, you’ll be rewarded with new Don’t Starve characters to play as. Each of them has its own unique skills and even supernatural abilities, such as fire resistance or strength. 

Tons of humor

Don’t starve guarantees lots of fun and strange dark humor, from funny-looking characters to references to popular culture and the victorian period. Enjoy the unique graphic design of 2D characters that live in an odd 3D world. And if you wish to invite your friends to this fight for survival, check out Don’t Starve Together, a standalone multiplayer expansion of Don’t Starve. 

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Don’t Starve features

  • Surviving in a hostile world,
  • Procedurally generated maps,
  • Trying not to get killed by strange creatures, 
  • Building and crafting, 
  • Lots of dark humor.

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