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Requires a VR headset.

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Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire VR

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Are you ready to grant the Wizard’s wish? In Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire, a first person virtual reality tower defense game, take on the role of the Djinni, a magical spirit of tremendous and terrible power. You are summoned by Thaco, a wizard, who needs your help in defeating his enemy, the tyrannical King Crambone, by battling Crambone’s vast armies that are laying siege to Thaco’s spire. You will gaze down from high above the battlefield, like a titan half-buried in the earth. Take command of the battle by summoning defensive towers to lay waste to your enemies and enhance your supernatural powers, as well as using hand gestures to perform devastating spells.

  • Towers: As the Djinni, you can summon powerful towers that will attack or debilitate enemies, as well as support towers that will enhance your otherworldly spells. Your towers can all be upgraded to increase their power.
  • Spells: The spells that you cast using motion controls and gestures will give you the power to influence the battle directly as enemies swarm the Wizard’s spire. You can also empower your spells through building and upgrading support towers, allowing you to channel more magic.
  • Fantastical Enemies: Over the course of the game, you will encounter legions of otherworldly enemies, ranging from knights to pixies and enormous clockwork machines.
  • Extensive Gameplay and Replayability: Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire has over 30 hours of gameplay across several modes, bonus rounds and goals, and animated volumetric cut scenes. There are multiple immersive levels, each with its own unique environment and path.
  • High Quality Art with VR in Mind: Djinni & Thaco: Trial By Spire features stunning visuals developed specifically to present players with vivid colors and impressive depth while also performing excellently in virtual reality.

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