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Trese Brothers


Trese Brothers

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Welcome to the cyber year 2231

Step into the bleak future of 2231 and take charge of your crew of underworld mercenaries, specializing in daring high-stakes heists that you select from among the power players of various factions to ensure your survival. In Cyber Knights, a rich narrative intertwines with a comprehensive blend of classic and contemporary tactical RPG mechanics.

These missions are more than just simple run-and-gun affairs; they offer extensive options for stealth and hacking, allowing you to decide when to go loud or attempt to complete them without ever alerting your targets. Strategic elements like base construction, contact management, squad customization, and fostering loyalty among your team members will be vital as you ascend to the zenith of your influence. Cyber Knights beckons you to immerse yourself in a distinctive cyberpunk realm and the immersive human tales of your squad members—what future can you carve out for them, or perhaps, for yourself?


  • Experience 3rd person turn-based squad tactics in a modern tactical RPG that features gridless movement, environmental cover, specialized overwatch, initiative manipulation, and more. Choose between stealth and hacking for creative infiltration or go loud with powerful weapons and abilities to outsmart enemy security.
  • Immerse yourself in unique cyberpunk stories where contacts, squad members, and world events intertwine to build the rich lore of this world, reminiscent of the pen and paper cyberpunk RPGs.
  • Savor the thrill of the heist by selecting your jobs, networking for advantages, assembling the crew you need, and equipping them for the task. Plan multi-stage missions, and don't forget to explore additional opportunities to maximize your gains.
  • Develop a power-player strategy by balancing factions, favors, reputation, and more. Interactions with rivals, fixers, arms dealers, and corporate figures can open or close doors for you. Keep an eye on your heat, and aim to have more individuals indebted to you than the other way around.
  • Create endless character builds by experimenting with various combinations of talents, multi-classing, cyberware, weapons, and gear to assemble the perfect team.
  • Witness evolving characters as the jobs you take impact your crew and connections. Loyalty, traits, cybernetics, and escapes will influence the fates of your characters, and while you might make it offworld in the end, none of you may be the same.

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