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ChessLocke uses standard Chess movements on an 8x8 game board, but your pieces will also have a set of new abilities to help you win games. The object of ChessLocke is to land on the enemy Throne and stay there for 1 turn. The Throne is simply the square where the Kings always start. Unlike traditional Chess, if the King is captured, the game continues.

Once a game ends, your total experience points (XP) will be accumulated to spend on new abilities and upgrades for those abilities. You will accumulate XP by winning games, capturing enemy pieces, and other various achievements. Each power piece has 3 unique abilities to help win games that may assist in capturing enemy pieces, defending ally pieces, and other utility. For example, the Knight has a Joust ability, which allows a straight-line attack. The Bishop has a Revive ability, which allows the player to bring back a removed piece. The King has Dub Knight, which allows a Pawn to be promoted to Knight for the rest of the game. Players will decide which abilities to purchase to use in game.

The single-player campaign consists of over 50 Missions where piece placements are different for each game. For example, your Rooks may swap places with your Bishops, you might start with only 5 Pawns, or maybe your Knights start on the 3rd row. There may be Walls placed on certain squares in a game where neither player may land nor pass through, however Knights can jump over Walls as they can jump over ally or enemy pieces.

  • Acquire and upgrade new abilities
  • Earn experience points and get level ups
  • Unique puzzle map campaign

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