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Catburglar is a fast paced platforming game that requires immense skill and split-second precision timing. Complete the stages to unlock new levels. Collect power-ups to help you navigate through difficult sections and compete with friends and family to rise to the top of the high-score tables.

The evil genius Dr. X has a fiendish plan to rule the world. By collecting 'The 12 Shards of Karahan' he can unleash an unstoppable and deadly power. 'The Tablet of Karahan' is an ancient artifact that was shattered into 12 pieces and hidden in a range of secure locations around the world.

​Catburglar must find the 12 Shards of Karahan' before Dr. X can get his evil hands on them.

​Run, jump, dash, duck and slide in a race against time to save the world!

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