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Cartel Tycoon

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Why you should buy Cartel Tycoon:

  • You wish to try what it’s like to live a life of a drug baron.
  • You want to try your hand at running a drug cartel.
  • You enjoy outstanding simulation games.

The illegal business

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run your own successful business? What it’s like to run an enormous company with millions of income? Well, a drug cartel meets these requirements. And while we do not encourage anyone to try that business in real life, we ensure that Moon Moose’s Cartel Tycoon guarantee hours of fun.

The home of cocaine

The game is set in ‘80s Latin America, the heart of drug production on a mass scale. Begin your adventure as a successful drug kingpin and build your empire from scratch. Make the product, smuggle and sell it at the best price, but watch out for the DEA, American army, and CIA as they will try to stop you.

Death is not the end

As you become richer and richer, there will be more of those willing to kill you. The Americans and rival gangs may eventually get you. But the death is not the end – more potential drug barons are waiting for their 15 minutes of fame. The lieutenants with unique traits will step into your shoes and try not to let your cartel fall.

Different difficulties, different gameplay

Cartel Tycoon offers you hours of gameplay with a variety of features. Each game may be different thanks to customization, scenarios, modes (survival, sandbox, and more in the future), and even live market prices for each drug type. Fight rival cartels, research the processes, build residences, and make yourself a true drug legend.

Cartel Tycoon: key features

  • Engaging scenarios,
  • Sandbox and survival mode,
  • The potential of building a huge empire,
  • Saving your business from rival gangs and DEA,
  • The atmospheric original soundtrack.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements    Recommended requirements   
System Windows 7 Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7/ Ryzen 7
Graphics card    GeForce GTX 960   GeForce GTX 1060
Drive Space 5 GB 5 GB
DX 11 11

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