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description Description and requirements

Why you should buy BPM: Bullets Per Minute

  • You like shooter games with a 90s vibe.
  • You enjoy a game that incorporates epic tunes. 
  • You’d like to fight enemies from different realms. 

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BPM: Bullets Per Minute 

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is a first-person shooter, with the elements of the rhythm games and roguelikes, which take the player to Asgard and other realms to fight against various monstrous creatures. The game was developed in 2020 and was heavily inspired by the iconic shooter games from the 90s, as well as Norse mythology. 

Explore the dungeons 

The players step into the role of Valkyries, characters with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, to battle against enemies across various realms. The goal is to defeat the final boss. In order to do that, you must reach the ends of randomly generated dungeons, collect weapons, abilities, and items, and defeat 7 bosses. However, just like the Valkyries, each boss has unique moves and ways of attack. Double jump, rocket jump, and bunny hop. Learn your enemies’ moves and find their weaknesses to combat them. 

Buy BPM: Bullets Per Minute on GAMIVO

Find your rhythm

Although the game may seem challenging at first, once you find your rhythm and learn the mechanics, Bullets Per Minute becomes engaging and addictive as well as rewarding! BPM is a unique experience each time you play it. The weapons and abilities you collect throughout the game may change the way you play. You will come back to it time and time again, exploring various dungeons, finding your favorite weapon, learning your enemies’ moves, and getting further into the game. 

An epic rock opera

The epic music of BPM will make you pumped up and ready to fight for hours. Your characters and enemies, synched to the beat of rock, fight in dance-like sequences. The rhythm elements of the game make it truly unique, bringing it to the next level. So, battle your way to victory to the beat of the epic rock tunes that BPM offers! 

Buy BPM: Bullets Per Minute on GAMIVO

BMP: Bullets Per Minute features

  • Shoot, jump and dodge to the beat, while battling hordes of enemies. 
  • Fight powerful bosses in challenging boss battles that will push you to the edge. 
  • Explore randomly generated dungeons. 
  • Choose from 5 different characters with unique strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Wield a powerful arsenal of weapons, all with different behavior for firing and reloading to the beat of the soundtrack. 
  • Battle a diverse array of enemies, each with unique rhythmic behaviors. 
  • Get overpowered and fire shotgun rockets while flying through the air. 
  • Utilize abilities that radically alter the way you play the game, from teleport to freezing bolts. 
  • Equip over 40 items that buff your character in unique and interesting ways. 
  • Experience an epic rock opera soundtrack. 
  • Challenge modes for extra gameplay. 

PC system requirements 

  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
System Windows 10, 64-bit Windows 10, 64-bit
Processor Intel Core i5-4590 or equivalent   Intel i7 
Graphics card    GTX 960 2GB or equivalent RTX 2060 3GB or equivalent
RAM 8 GB 16 GB
Drive Space 14 GB 14 GB
Other DirectX 11 DirectX 12

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