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Bestiary of Sigillum

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Bestiary of Sigillum is a one-on-one competitive online game that blends the depth of a turn-based strategy with the diversity of the MOBA genre.
Summon your army of legendary heroes with one-of-a-kind abilities and destroy the opponent’s castle.

  • TURN-BASED COMBAT It takes only two players to battle, and the turn-based combat system allows each player to take control of three heroes at once.
    Be the initiator, carry and support of your team.
  • DIVERSE AND DISTINCT CHARACTERS There are three classes of heroes – Strength, Agility and Intelligence; and all heroes have their own advantages and disadvantages.
    Try one of the many combinations for your own army.
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND ABILITIES Each hero comes with unique skills for hurting foes, moving heroes around or applying effects to enemies and allies.
    Combine these skills to achieve the best outcome.
  • NO RANDOMNESS There’s no randomness in Bestiary of Sigillum: the outcome of each battle depends solely on the players’ skill.
    Plan ahead, and no bad luck will be there to stop you.
  • DIVERSE TERRAIN Many types of terrain will affect most units’ abilities, making them more or less efficient depending on their positioning.
    Pay close attention to where your allies and enemies stand.
  • RANKING SYSTEM The league-based matchmaking system will test your mastery against the opponents of similar skill.
    Prove your worth, and ascend to the top.

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