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Get away from the stress of life and fuel your soul. Spend time in a beautiful world, perhaps sitting by the water, walking in the forest... or tickle your creative impulses by building your dream house (or super-villain pad?).

Be is all about exploration, building and... well, just "Be"ing. There's no work, no time pressures. No nasty surprises. Be is a place where you can relax and do nothing (listen to the birds!) or engage in construction limited only by your imagination.

You have full control over the time of day & weather, letting you style the visuals of the world as your mood takes you. See amazing sunrises & sunsets, or if you prefer, walk around under moonlight. Want to sit and enjoy a sunset? You can do that. Want to build a megastructure off the side of the map with friends? you can do that too!


  • A beautiful forest biome with a mix of hills, mountains and beach areas.
  • Full weather system: clear days, cloudy days, rain, storms and lightning.
  • Day / Night cycle: A day can pass in 20 minutes, or in realtime. You can even stop time completely!
  • Beautiful & colorful ambient change as the time of day changes/progresses.
  • Multiplayer support (peer-peer, players join another persons game, up to 4 players).
  • Over an hour of relaxing meditative music.
  • Some annoying seagulls.
  • Support for co-op building and experience. Up to 4 players.

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