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Make 2D tilesets for your games in seconds.

Save development time and money by getting forty-eight tiles for the effort of making three with added bonus features such as dynamic lighting, corner blending modes and more.

  • Automatic tileset generation (48 tiles) from just three input tiles
  • In app pixel editor for pixel-art tiles with realtime tileset preview
  • Six different corner blending modes
  • Normal maps generation for dynamic lighting
  • Automatic corner mask generation
  • Slope generation for the complete tileset
  • Normal map generation for dynamic lighting
  • Any tile size supported
  • Transparency depth adjustment for surface details (e.g. grass, rocks...)
  • Full tileset exporting for use in your games (GameMaker, Unity, Construct 2 or any other IDE)
  • Manual rendering mode, project importing/exporting, dynamic color palletes and more

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