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Astra-256 Assembler

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The ASTRA-256 software is an effective tool for those who want to learn the Assembly language but doesn't know where to start.
It is a fun toy for ‘real programmers’ and for those remembering the old LPG-30, Altair 8800, PDP-11.
Finally, it’s a very good mind-breaker that is not a wasting of time. With ASTRA-256 you can solve a real tasks. For example, tasks that ‘real programmers’ really solved at the dawn of computing. Along the way, you acquire Assembly programming skills and refresh your old math knowledge.

Assembly language allows to most effectively manage all the hardware resources. That’s why it is still used to program many microcontroller devices.
Assembly is still used to optimize programs written in higher-level languages.

  • Architecture - The 8-bit processor has an 8-bit accumulator as well as 8-bit registers mapped to memory: instruction counter, input register, output register, stack pointer, FLAGS register.
  • Memory - 256 bytes of memory (exactly as it was in the first versions of the Altair 8800).
  • Instruction Set - The Assembly instruction set is quite extended and contains 75 instructions. But a novice user does not need to know all of them. It’s enough to know only a part of them to start writing the first assembly code.

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