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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla video game

Jump into the world of vikings, play as Eivor - a Viking raider raised to be a fearless warrior. Do as the Viking's codex says, conquer everything, lead your clan on a warpath that takes no hostages. Everything will be yours. Start your journey from Norway - home of all Vikings and go on a bloody expedition to ninth-century England. Discover the unknown areas of the continent and make it yours, become a terror and earn your place in Valhalla.

Immersive combat system

There's certain beauty to viking's fighting style, it's barbaric, it's vicious but most importantly - it's effective. Decapitate your enemies in close combat, puncture them with arrows, bash their skulls in with hammers. Slice and dice through them with your axes, make them regret you are their opponent.

Settlement system

Your clan will grow linearly to your fame, the more people fear your name, the stronger your settlement will be. Guide your allies to victory, they will clear the path for you in becoming a legend.

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Excellent game, played on my friend's PS4 and came to purchase it for PC!

Incredible, immersive, and a continuation of the RPG-oriented approach AC's taken in recent years. Cool setting, too! Vikings :P
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Working Formula, Improved!

The new title Valhalla in the series of Assassin's Creed takes the advancements of the series found in Odyssey and Origins and applies it to a whole new setting. It is till a Assassin's Creed game however it manages to leave behind some questionable things from the last two games, all the while presenting us with a much greater direction, a really dense map, engaging plot, and a breathtaking setting. As brutal as the period of Vikings is, there's something beautiful about this adventure. Every action is rewarded with some great moments of storytelling. And there's an amazing world here just waiting to be discovered. Overall, Ubisoft has created a very entertaining Vikings game.
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(*)( )( )( )( ) 

Another unfinished game from Ubisoft

Maneuverability has kicked back and the character is stupidly stuck on whatever obstacles he encounters, as was the case in early ACs. The character is heavy is clumsy.
The gameplay is incredibly repetitive: being assigned a mission, having to roam & loot to acquire the mini XP to succeed in the mission without getting smashed in 1 hit, shattering with a boss in a scripted fight to the death in which arrows are trickle. It was certainly a bit the principle of the other ACs, but there, as the story is boring, it does not encourage us to move on.
The game crashes at least once per hour, if not more. The character gets stuck in the background very often, the only way out being to move quickly with the map. And then all the other erratic behaviors in the game.
If there hadn't been AC Odyssey before, I would have put 3 or 4 stars out of 5, but the fact of not having capitalized correctly on this basis (regressions at several levels) is not acceptable.
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