Arauco Saga: Rpg Action

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Arauco Saga is an action RPG, inspired by 2D classics for snes and megadrive. Arauco Saga mixes the best elements of the action. The story is based on the Loyola comic (4 issues, limited series), written by Marcelo Tapia.

  • Combat - Action is the main objective in this mode. There are menus to select weapons, potions and objects ... and also battles with brutal creatures!
  • Weapons - There are 6 different weapons and they are designed according to the actual weapons used by the Mapuche warriors and also mythological weapons and transformations to beasts.
  • Exploration - There are vast lands to explore, people of different races and also fortresses and temples located in forests, deserts, magical lands and eternal glaciers. There are two large islands to explore without loading times.
  • Enemies - There is a great variety of enemies equipped with powerful weapons: minions, soldiers, armored skeletons and mythological creatures and giant bosses.

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