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APARTMENT 327 is a first-person horror adventure whose main goal is to escape from the time loop you're stuck in. The story unfolds between 1923 and 2016 in an old house travelling through different time periods. The game plot is full of puzzles and the player can only solve them by time-travelling and visiting the same rooms in different time periods.

  • The house: The old Elizondo family home is full of mysteries and dangers. You will have to find out what happened in the house, and why you're stuck with no possibility of escaping.
  • Time-travelling: Traditional approaches become obsolete in Apartment 327. Regular puzzle solving techniques consist of what should I do and where should I do it. Here, we add the variable "when should I do it".
  • 15 different time periods: The more you progress in the plot, the less linear the game becomes and the more time periods you can travel to.
  • Fragmented narrative: At first, nothing will make sense, but as you arrange the different pieces of the puzzle, you'll discover what happened to each character in the game.
  • Old films: Narrative increases by experiencing first-person films found around the house throughout the years. This may be the only way to escape. You will enter new locations and that will allow you to move forward in the story.
  • Powerful enemies: Your only choice facing those weird beings is fleeing. Check every room and walk through them stealthily. An unexpected encounter can lead to death.

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