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All of the stories begin with this endless resets, you woke up in this room again and again, select the gears you need and opens the door. Enter those scene that happened over and over, combat then death. With these memories, another reset. You wake up.
You begin to understand this is a trial, your capability is constantly being provoked. With every reset, live as far as possible, understand as much as you can. The pieces of memory will show you the truth of this endless trial. During the game you will walk among the gigantic artificial city, bloody battlefield, ancient ruins. They are full of danger, waiting to be challenged. Only by getting stronger you can understand the ultimate purpose of this trial.

  • Fragmented story: we have bury the truth and history into every each one of your journey, by seeking the truth, you will know who you are and it’s the process of understand the purpose.
  • Endgame growth system: comparing to other similar games, we are more focused on the “growth” after each game. After every game your achievement will be calculated into Tungsten points. These Tungsten can be used in enhancement during preparation, ready your characters for a further journey.
  • Brand new playing mechanics: in DBG games, we all face the problem of too many hand cards in the late game. Now you can use those cards to charge up your weapon, use its last remaining heat.
    Is enemy’s fixed strategy is getting boring? Not a problem in here. Try use the movement system to avoid the attacks, and smash your enemies together which does Pure damage.

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