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Among Us

4.8 /5 (10 reviews)
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Why you should buy Among Us:

  • You wish to try out one of the most talked-about games of 2020.
  • You enjoy multiplayer games with elements of strategy.
  • You’re looking for an ideal game for a LAN party.

Brilliant multiplayer experience

Among Us is an exciting game featuring minigames, murders, and lots of mistrust among friends. This game brings memorable party games to PCs and other platforms for a new level of fun. Enjoy the gripping gameplay with your friends in local co-op, or meet other players in online multiplayer mode.

The colorful team

In Among Us, your task is to prepare your spaceship for departure. However, one or more players may be chosen as the Impostors, trying to abort the mission and kill the rest of the Crew. They will have to hide their identity, sneak through the map and kill all the players. However, the Crew can win by completing all the tasks and voting to eject the suspected Impostors.

Customize your game

The characters feature a simple design, however, you can still customize them to make them stand out from the Crew. You can pick your color, hat, skin, and even an adorable pet. Choose how and where you want to play by picking one of four available maps: The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus, and Airship, and spice up your gameplay by adding more Impostors, more tasks, and many other upgrades.

Choose your strategy

As the Impostor, you have a few different options. You can surprise one of the Crew as they’re alone in the room; enter a room with two players, kill one of them and blame the other; or go on a killing spree while making chaos. This way, none of the Crew members is safe, so they have to keep their eyes peeled.

Among Us: key features

  • Simple and addictive gameplay idea,
  • Cartoon design and funny animations,
  • Available to play in local or online multiplayer,
  • Plenty of downloadable content,
  • The great potential of replayability.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements
System Windows 7 SP1+
Processor SSE2 instruction set support   
Drive Space 250 MB
DX 10

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Based on 10 reviews


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Reviews (10)

m..c@gmail.comReview date: 21.09.2020
I like it. Its simple,its fun,for groups from 5-10 people,and the most lyable game xD
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a..y@floodmeadows.comReview date: 13.09.2020
User bought Among Us EN/KO/PT/RU/ES Global from:
Perfect for streams 10/10! Legit funny content followed by drama and fast-paced guessing rock !I love the art style and the mechanics. Its simple and fun, but its also better with a pack of friends.
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k..l@gmail.comReview date: 27.08.2020
Very good game. I love the art style and the mechanics. Its simple and fun, but its also better with a pack of friends.
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skooshed_itReview date: 12.11.2020
Among Us takes place in space, where players can have one of two roles: crewmate or imposter. The crewmates’ objective is to complete the assigned tasks and try to identify the imposter(s). The imposters’ objective is to sabotage and kill the crewmates without getting caught.If a body is found, the crewmate or imposter can report the body, which then brings all players into a meeting to discuss who they think the imposter is. They then vote for who they think is the imposter.While crewmates have to complete various tasks spread around the map and identify the imposters, the imposters have to sabotage the mission and kill the crewmates without being detected. Due to the simple yet potentially confusing nature of the game, winning matches can be incredibly hard, especially if you have only recently started playing Among Us.This game is a great way to have fun with friends or random people online and socialize. I would recommend this game to everyone.
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Taylorbee33Review date: 28.10.2020
I absolutely love Among Us. The way you play with other players locally or online, is just so great. I hate being Imposter though because of lying but that is also what makes the game so much fun!
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