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The Alienautics Space Force mothership arrives near the orbit of Luminous Prime after detecting signs of artificial life form on the planet surface. The cybernetic supersoldiers of Alienautics are known as Agents. Assisted by a companion navigation drone, the main protagonist Agent 33 investigates the anomaly in the volcanic planet. What will he discover?

Agents are equipped with state of the art cybernetic gears to survive in uncharted and hostile territories. Navigating through the volcanic layers present interesting platforming challenges while raiding enemy base stations are action packed gun fights that require tactical cover based strategy.

The events of the game are centered on planet Luminous Prime. A volcanic planet where rogue alien space pirates are conspiring to conquer galactic dominance. Their research and mining operations on the planet must be disrupted before it's too late. The Alienautics mothership in the orbit of the planet serves as the mission hub for the Agent.

On the planet surface,there are four different types of resources: Chromium, Thorium, Uranium and Mercury. Each serves its own purpose; either powering deadly energy weapons, exploding on throw or fueling spaceships. The resources are collectable via rock mining, kills or capsule pickups.

  • Cover Based Challenging Gunplay
  • Tactical & Strategic Enemy AI
  • Energy & Projectile Weapons
  • Inventory Management
  • Free Hand Combat
  • Environmental Puzzles
  • Massive Alien Boss Fights
  • Blood, Gore & Explosions

This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.


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