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A Game of Humans

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A sandbox village simulation fundamentally about people.

You start the game on an empty procedurally generated map in the wilderness. You place plots (homes & workplaces) which people immigrate to and buy. The coins you make from plot sales allow you to pay people to accomplish tasks, like building roads and clearing forests. Your people will carry out jobs you make for them or start their own businesses on plots you have put up for sale. They will fulfill their needs and live their lives as they see fit. The only way you can affect people is either indirectly or by the use of faith powers. Faith powers allow for the placing of blessings & curses on people, costing or generating faith.

You do not place houses/building directly in this game, rather you place plots and then houses are constructed on the plots by the plot owner. Once a plot has been sold to a citizen you as the player can no longer simply delete it, instead you must repurchase it at a greater price than the owner paid for it. And the owner probably wont be happy he was evicted...


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