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Xbox Live 50 EUR EU

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe.

The code can only be activated in regions where the Live service is supported.

Xbox Live Gift Card can only be activated on Xbox accounts with the same currency.

Kup Xbox Live 50 EUR EU Xbox live CD Key

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€ 45.59
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€ 40.12

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description Opis i wymagania

Xbox Live Gold Subscription

Are you tired of playing all of the games alone? Get Xbox Live Gold codes and connect with family, friends and meet new people from around the world. With an Xbox Gift Card, give the freedom to pick the gift they want. It can be used to buy the hottest new Xbox full game downloads, apps, movies, TV shows, devices, and more. Rent or buy popular HD movies and get the latest TV shows - by the episode or an entire season.

Enjoy free content

Get free content and find something new every month. The subscription gives you a chance to discover games you have never played before. Have fun with all the different free games with Xbox Live Gold. Grab the greatest games - from the classics to the latest games. And load up on map packs, add-ons, and more. 

Backward compatibility is included! Explore Xbox 360 games for your Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

Build, explore, craft and create, race. Put your skills to the test and share fantastic worlds with other players.

No Extra Cost

Buy Xbox Live 50 EUR and check if the membership satisfies your needs in gaming. Once you try you can continue your adventure with the subscription.

  • Connect to Xbox-enabled devices
  • Manage your Xbox profile
  • Engage with friends and the Xbox community
  • Manage your children’s console gaming activities
  • Play multiplayer games
  • Discover your next favorite game
  • Access Netflix, Twitch, and many more!

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Bought 4, need 6 more

I’m about to buy a new console with gift cards like I did with Xbox One X before. The last time I saved 20%, this time it’ll be around 18% so still great. I ordered 4 of these already.

- keys worked
- price was good
- SMART support was excellent

- I bought the SMART support separately so I didn’t get the better price (only when ordering both together)
- payment with Revolut card didn’t go through, I could pay wirh Paypal, but since some sellers limit the amount of items to three and my previous order with three was pending due to Revolut stopping the transaction, I couldn’t create a new order

So if tou manage to order, it works fine. If you don’t have SMART it’s worth getting with the order since it’s cheaper the extra support just for the order alone and can be very helpful.
(9 z 10 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

My first purchase

This is my first purchase in Gamvio.
No problem at all.
(4 z 4 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


Great service and product. I can recommend GGD Digital and Premiumgaming Both trustful sellers.
(3 z 4 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


It works perfectly. I will save around 20% on my new Xbox
(1 z 1 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

I bought it more than 10 Times in different Shops

I bought it more than 10 Times never got a problem to activate the Keys. The Support Helps very fast if something went wrong!
(1 z 1 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Purchased two cheap 50€

Purchased two cheap 50€ for the first time, everything went ok. Thank you
(1 z 1 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)
(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) 

Nice and fast but..

Bought it three times but I was asked to provide verification documents after the 2nd purchase. Once sent it was approved quickly though.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Good service and fast

I paid and I got the code in a few minutes. This is my second transaction, one month ago I bought a game and the key was in my account in seconds. So, until now, I can recomend this website
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)
(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) 

A real bargain

Usually offers a 20% discount off the official price. Unfortunately, with special promotions teh price is raised dramatically, so you cant get any of the promotions (like black friday)

The actual rating would be 4,5 over 5, but is not possible to add 1/2 star
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Saved a lot of money on Microsoft Store

Giftcards work well, saved a lot of money. In less than 5 minutes I had my codes working
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Great price, immediate delivery

I bought serveral Xbox gift cards and the all worked perfectly! I saved around 20% on my new Xbox series X console.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Great deal

Bought New console cheaper with this codes, They all went perfectly. One was already used, but in three days I got my money back
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Need more Coupons

My order orked fine for me. No problems at all. I Hope i will get some more Coupons
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Bought several keys, 0 problems

I have purchased several keys for 50, 20 and 15 euros, with no trouble. Just in case, I subscribed to SMART, so I can rest assured that in case of a faulty key, I'll get support right away.

So far, so good. Xbox Series X, here I go.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

For now all ok

I purchased few of this gift and work Perfect. For any problem the operator help you and your order.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)


Very reliable website for giftcards, i always buy on this website and i recommend it to all my friends
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Good and fast

Fast payment and fast received code.
Full working on Xbox's Store.
Will buy more when.....I hace more bucks :-)
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Great support

4 gift cards went without problems, one did not work, Gamivo support processed the request quickly and offered a suitable solution, thank you.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

Nice deal

A great deal for little money.
Fast shipping and one more satisfied customer.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)

All good

All good, thanks. Fast shipping and one more satisfied customer.
(0 z 0 użytkowników uznało to za pomocne.)