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Tiles Shooter: Puzzle Cube

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Horovo Games


Horovo Games

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Slide colored bricks, making up three blocks of the same color were together.

A cool puzzle on the surface of a 3D cube. Shoot colored bricks on the playing field, making three or more blocks of same color together.

The game field is a cube on which five faces are available for play. There are still colored blocks on these faces. The goal of the game is to clear the faces from them. This is achieved by shooting from the edges of the faces of other bricks that move straight until they rest on an obstacle on the field. If three or more blocks of the same color come together, they disappear. When an obstacle that prevents another bricks from moving disappears, it continues moving on until it reaches the other edge. When the side is completely cleared, new bricks appear on the last blank face of the cube.

For each bricks removed points are awarded. The more bricks disappears, the more points you get. Also, points are significantly increased in cascades - when the disappearance of some bricks causes such movement of the remaining bricks, which leads to a new disappearance of other bricks, time after time.

You can cancel your moves, but not more than five moves back. Each cancellation is worth one coin. You start the game with ten coins. For the cleared side or for every 500 points you will receive one coin. Coins in the game are needed to pay for canceling moves, buying backgrounds for the playing field, paying for time bonuses in the game.

  • Addictive gameplay that makes you think carefully.
  • Great graphics with animated backgrounds will delight your eyes.
  • Calm music relax.

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EVERYONETreści zazwyczaj odpowiednie dla wszystkich grup wiekowych. Mogą zawierać minimalną ilość elementów animowanych, nawiązania do świata fantazji lub łagodną przemoc i/lub rzadkie przypadki używania nieznacznie wulgarnego języka.


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