The Settlers 4 - Gold Edition

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This bundle includes the following:

  • The Settlers IV
  • The Settlers IV: The Trojans
  • The Settlers IV Mission CD

Just because of a little uprising, Morbus has been banished to Earth by HIM, the highest god of all. It really could not have been worse for this particular villain, as Morbus cannot bear the sight of anything green. He definitely doesn’t plan on letting it stay that way – his Dark Tribe will soon be waging war on the Earth’s flora and fauna.

The Romans, the Mayans, the Vikings, and the Trojans are the four industrious little races you’ll be settling with. The seamless zoom function allows you to take a close-up peek as your settlers go about their daily business, or to zoom out for a bird’s-eye view of how your very own empire is coming along. Put your settling skills to the test as you gather resources, establish and manage trade routes, manufacture goods, or wage war. It’s up to you to lead your tiny settlers to victory! Are you up to the task?

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The most chaleenging and fun part of the Settllers sieries

I have play this game a lot on my friends computer and it was really fun and also a bit challenging, because the ai is really mad one in the story campaign about the failed Titan Morgus and his Dark Tribe. Thanks the are also single scenarios that look just like the maps of Settlers 3 . The gameplay is just little modifications of mechanic from 3 - we have much more control of the soldiers, can start a single colony of by the donkey unit and the special only used unit gardener which can revive corrupted terrain. We have 3 civilisations - Romans ( the moderate one to use ), Vikings (easy for at beginning of the game)and Mayans( my favourite but the most hard), The music and graphic fits well to game, Animations of our settlers are cartoony and funny. The Gog version of the game offers the base game with its add-on and most fixes to made work on Win 10, So i it's not a problem to try it and price here is good. The add gives new civ - Trojans and some maps
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