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The Cycle: Season 3 - Stormchasers

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The Cycle is a Competitive Quest Shooter (PvEvP) which offers a combination that has never been explored before: a heart-racing PvE struggle against a treacherous planet and its unfriendly alien inhabitants amidst a cutthroat PvP struggle for resource supremacy. You compete against other Prospectors, or perhaps collaborate with them, to claim as much resources as possible and escape Fortuna III before the planet crushes the life out of you. Victory goes to the Prospector that completes the most contracts during the match and manages to evacuate the planet in time. In theory, you can play the game without any PvP at all. Apart from warding off player hunters who might be roaming the planet, the best reason to engage in PvP is to obtain certain objectives for yourself or stop a Prospector who finished more contracts than you!

  • Play Your Way - We're not handing out rule books, but getting the job done is a whole lot easier when you've got a jetpack and a laser cannon at your side. 
  • The Cycle - As far as we can tell, Fortuna III was terraformed by aliens a long time ago. The Federation tried colonizing it, but the Cycle put an end to that. We're talking world-spanning storms that kill anything dumb enough to set foot planetside. And these storms are happening more often than not, so you better get out of there before it gets rough.
  • Questing - Select a faction you'd like to support at the start of each match and fulfill their contracts. The more contracts you manage to finish, the more rewards you'll receive!
  • Customization - Customize your gearset with all the options you want to have available during a match. Select from a wide variety of different Weapons, Abilities and Kits and mod them to your liking.
  • Pacting - Encounter a fellow Prospector during the match? Reconsider shooting them on sight! You can pact with others on the fly, so they might be a valuable ally. Maybe, if you wait for the right opportunity, you can even stab them in the back!
  • Crafting - Use the rewards you receive for your efforts to craft more gear. Weapons, Abilities, Kits and a bunch of mods are at your disposal. And worry not! There is no equipment you cannot craft with the materials you find during a trip down to Fortuna III.
  • Monster Scaling - The planets dangerous inhabitants have learned survive on the surface and even draw power from the storms that pass over the surface of the planet. The closer you are to the next Cycle, the stronger the enemies on the planet. So get out of there!
  • Radiation - Still not convinced that you need to leave the planet? If none of the powerful monsters on the surface get you, you'll still have to worry about the storm itself. Powerful radiation will tear your insides apart if you don't make it to the evac ship.

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