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Welcome to a simulator where one decision can be the last and the line between life & death is thin.

A brief description of the profession of Sapper: unforgiving, underpaid, working under constant stress and in difficult conditions.

  • WORKING IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS - You shouldn't get bored here.
  • SEARCHING - There are tons of places to search for the bombs.
  • LOCKPICKING - There are many locked doors, but that can't stop you from saving lives, right?
  • HACKING - It's good that you haven't spent all your time on games using your PC.
  • TRAINING - A rookie without training is a dead rookie.
  • WORKING UNDER PRESSURE OF TIME - Nerves of steel are a must in this job. No shaky hands.
  • FINDING THE BOMBS - If you want to defuse the bomb, first you need to find it.
  • DEFUSING THE BOMBS AND MINES - Now here is where the real "fun" starts.

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