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This bundle includes the following: the base game: Guild Wars 2 (free to play). Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire: The Forgotten Land - Balthazar threatens the Crys... Czytaj więcej

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This bundle includes the following:

  • the base game: Guild Wars 2 (free to play).
  • Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire:
    • The Forgotten Land - Balthazar threatens the Crystal Desert and adjoining kingdom of Elona with his Forged legions. Explore vast new maps filled with magic-drenched desert plains, ancient temples and ruins, and beautiful oases. Uncover the secrets of Tyria's history, and discover the fate of the Elonian people after years of silence.
    • Mounts - Mounts are far more than a speed boost—they're a whole new way to explore the world of Tyria. Unlock and train your new companions using the max-level Mastery character progression system, and explore freely by leaping across canyons, bounding up high cliffs, and skimming over quicksand.
    • Elite Specializations - Continue to evolve and customize your level-80 character with a new elite specialization for each profession. With a new variety of playstyles, weapon choices, and traits to choose from, there are more options than ever to play your way.
  • Free Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.
  • Living World: The Icebrood Saga.
  • Max-Level Boost.
  • Additional Character Slot.
  • Identity Repair Kit.
  • Sunspear Outfit.
  • Lily of the Elon Permanent Pass.

Humanity has worshipped the six gods for centuries, even as their prayers went unanswered. Now the god of fire and war, Balthazar, has made an unexpected return, only to reveal himself as a ruthless manipulator with little regard for mortal life. Tyria's heroes thwarted the first stage of his catastrophic plan to destroy the Elder Dragons - but now he's raised a zealous army to cut a path of terror and destruction across the south. You must halt their march before Balthazar sets the foundations of the world ablaze.

About the base game:

Competitive play in Guild Wars 2 is easy to learn but offers challenges for new players and hardcore PvPers alike. Whether you decide to jump into quick, furious matches between small groups of players in organized PvP or join hundreds of other players in the grand battles of World vs. World, PvP is where you'll find the ultimate challenge!


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g..i@yahoo.comData recenzji: 04.07.2020
Użytkownik kupił Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire - Deluxe Edition od:
Played a lot of MMOs in my life, some of which include WoW, ESO, Tera, Aion, Rift etc and I can honestly say this is one of the best I've invested time into. Though I've played for about a month now, I've experienced some of the early content as a f2p player and it convinced me to upgrade to the expansions, as the game itself has an active community and the content is worth diving into. If you're not sure weather to buy this, i suggest playing for free a few weeks, watching some beginner guides and maybe even grab a friend so that you may be able to do group based content more easily.
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