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Don't Starve Together: Walter Deluxe Wardrobe

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Klei Entertainment/BlitWorks


Klei Entertainment

Release date:




This bundle includes the following:

  • Walter's Guest of Honor Skin Set and Pine Leader Hat.
  • Walter's Boy Detective Skin Set and Deerstalker.
  • Walter's Survivor Skin Set and Cap o' Flage.

Walter, The Fearless! With his best friend Woby by his side, this intrepid Pinetree Pioneer is ready to explore the wilds of the Constant.

About the base game:

Don’t Starve Together

Enter the bizarre and hostile world of the uncompromising survival game, Don’t Starve, this time with your friends. Don’t Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion of Don’t Starve, in which your goal is to… well, not to starve. Invite your friends to a private game or meet and work with other players online. 

Survive in a hostile world

Start the fun by choosing from the unique Don’t starve together characters, each with its own looks, personality, and skills. Then, begin your fight for survival. Don’t Starve Together gameplay is similar to the original game. You have to try to stay alive in a procedurally generated world with various environments, threats, and creatures ready to kill you. In order to accomplish this goal, you’ll have to farm, build, craft items, and battle. And don’t forget to take care of your character’s mental health! 

Staying alive

Don’t Starve Together allows you to team up and cooperate with your friends and other players. You can even create a private game and only invite players you want to. Explore the wild and bizarre world, from caves to Lunar islands. However, be careful as everything in the hostile biomes is trying to end your life. Protect yourself, your friends, and your belongings because this world is full of greedy creatures. 

Plenty of fun

Don’t Starve Together guarantees lots of fun and strange humor for you and your friends. Moreover, the game includes A New Reign: Part 1 expansion, giving you even more environments, characters, seasons, creatures, and challenges to face while trying to survive! Enjoy the hilarious cartoon 2D graphic design of Don’t Starve Together on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Don't Starve Together: Walter Deluxe Wardrobe EN Global

Prepare to meet some bizarre characters.

Don't Starve Together: Walter Deluxe Wardrobe EN Global

Work together to overcome the obstacles on your way.

Don't Starve Together: Walter Deluxe Wardrobe EN Global

Fight, farm, build, and explore.


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ocena ESRB:

TEENTreści zazwyczaj odpowiednie dla osób w wieku od 13 lat. Mogą zawierać przemoc, sugestywne tematy, niewybredny humor, ograniczoną ilość krwi, symulowany hazard i/lub rzadkie przypadki używania wulgarnego języka.


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