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DangerSpace is a blend of thrilling space sim and tense RTS gameplay. The deliciously heavyweight, physics-driven flight engine gives a new gaming experience.

Immerse yourself in the near future, during the Solar System exploration. Two powerful corporations have unleashed a real war for possessing the minerals.
You are a recruit pilot of one of them, drawn into the cycle of events. Use the extracted resources to build a powerful line of defense and advanced ships. Bring each battle to an epic ending. Take command of a squad of fighters, an offensive frigate, turrets, and other equipment. Fight with guns and missiles to defeat the enemy!

One of the ships is always under your personal control, drive it with a third-person view.
The innovative physics game engine takes into account the mass, inertia of the ship, the thrust of the propulsion and the maneuvering engines, will allow you to feel the vacuum of the real space.

Ships' control mechanics are based on the “+” and “-” of the arcade space games and simulators based on real physics. Thanks to this, we have created an ergonomic and intuitive system of piloting the ship.

  • Unique flight physics in space.
  • Energy shields absorb damage and prevent uncontrolled flight.
  • A nonlinear history of Solar system exploration with multiple endings.
  • The decisions you make in each mission affect the events in the next one. Dynamic, diverse gameplay including action and strategic component. Simple and intuitive fleet management.
  • Aggressive environment. Solar radiation or meteorites can damage your ship.

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