Notice: Requires a virtual reality headset.

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in The United States

For this product you will receive a link to an external platform instead of a regular CD Key.

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How to Activate: You will receive a gift link to the external provider's website in your web browser. Login there using your Steam account. Make sure to choos... Czytaj więcej


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How to Activate:

  • You will receive a gift link to the external provider's website in your web browser.
  • Login there using your Steam account.
  • Make sure to choose the same country as your store country found in Steam account details.
  • The automated system will add your Steam account to friend-list. Please accept it.
  • After you accept the friend request, it will send you your purchased game as a gift

Why you should buy Beat Saber VR?

  • You own a VR set,
  • You want to have fun while exercising,
  • You love electronic beats and rhythm games.

Beat Saber VR

Grab your neon sabers and get ready for the best rhythm extravaganza ever made! With a plethora of game modes, customization, and handpicked music, Beat Saber is one of the best VR titles around! Feel the rhythm and use your sabers to slash blocks flying at you: look at the arrows on the blocks, swing your weapon accordingly and vibe to the music! 

Plenty of fun

The mechanics of the game are as easy and intuitive as possible! Thanks to multiple difficulty levels, everyone can have fun with Beat Saber. If you want a challenge, you might spice your game up with modifications: disappearing arrows, faster tempo, one-saber mode, and many more! Choose out of dozens of tracks made either by the Beat Saber team or music packs by stars such as Lady Gaga, BTS, Skrillex, Linkin Park, to name a few. 

Master the sabers

Practice your skill and try multiplayer mode: play with your friends or random players from all over the world! If you feel like it, you might join the global leaderboard and compete against others on different-difficulty levels. 

Exercising doesn’t have to be boring

Beat Saber VR is a game that will keep you moving like nothing else. It’s a perfect game for those who want to exercise and have fun at the same time! 

Key features

  • Easy to learn mechanics,
  • High replayability thanks to different modes and difficulty levels,
  • Dozens of tracks crafted for the game,
  • Purchasable music packs, including popular songs of famous artists,
  • Multiplayer and competitive mode.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements 
System Windows 7/8.1/10 (64bit) Windows 7/8.1/10 (64bit)
Processor Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge or equivalent Intel Core i7 Skylake or equivalent
Graphics card    Nvidia GTX 960 or equivalent Nvidia GTX 1060 or equivalent
RAM Version 11 Version 12
Drive Space 200 MB available space 200 MB available space

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