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Abs vs The Blood Queen

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Built directly on top of the Killer Queen engine, ABS vs. THE BLOOD QUEEN takes the skills and techniques found in Killer Queen and applies them to an entirely new experience, full of never-before-seen enemies and challenges. As the titular hero, Abs, you'll run, fly, and slay your way through the undead horde as you head towards a fated showdown with the terrifying, all-powerful Blood Queen!

  • EXPLORATION - Make your way through brand-new, randomly generated worlds that will keep each playthrough feeling unique and challenging! Play on one-of-a-kind battlefields that are generated daily, monthly, or every time you die (which will probably be a lot.)
  • ARCADE-STYLE SCORING - What's the point of being good at something if you can't show off? Prove your might with Daily Challenges, and earn some sorely-needed bragging rights with Global Leaderboards! You may not have the high score today, but tomorrow's level could be a whole different story.
  • BATTLE-TESTED GAMEPLAY - Using the Killer Queen engine, ABS vs. THE BLOOD QUEEN will feel familar to Killer Queen veterans while staying accessible to newcomers. You want me to say the thing? Yeah, I'll say it -- EASY TO LEARN, DIFFICULT TO MASTER.
  • KEEP YOUR SKILLS SHARP - Kick berries, ride the snail, and take to the skies in aerial combat!

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