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This content requires the base game The Cycle: Frontier on Steam in order to play. The base game is free to play.

This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in Europe - it will NOT be available in Croatia, Serbia and Switzerland.

For this product you will receive a link to an external platform instead of a regular CD Key.

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The Cycle: Frontier - Initiate Pack

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This bundle includes the following:

  • 250 Aurum,
  • 20,000 Kmarks,
  • S-576 PDW x2,
  • C-32 Bolt Action x2,
  • Helmet (Common) x2,
  • Shield (Common) x2,
  • Small Backpack x4,
  • Initiate S-576 PDW,
  • Initiate Wrench,
  • Initiate Wrangler Base Suit,
  • Initiate Wrangler Vest,
  • Initiate Wrangler Boots,
  • Initiate Wrangler Gloves.

New to Fortuna III? This pack will give you a head start; with a unique outfit and weapon skin, some gear to get you started, plus a fistful of Aurum, you'll fit right in!

Why you should buy The Cycle: Frontier?

  • You like multiplayer games.
  • You’d like to hunt for treasures and combat beasts and other Prospectors.
  • Unlocking new features and upgrades makes you excited for gameplay.

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The Cycle: Frontier 

This high-stakes PvPvE first-person shooter is driven by suspense and danger. Enter the world of Fortuna III, a prosperous planet ravaged by a deadly storm, and fill your pockets with all the valuable resources and treasures it has to offer. However, you are not the only one wanting to make a fortune. The planet lures other greedy treasure-hunters ready to rob you of your prizes. Keep your guard up, because you may return home empty-handed. And beware of the deadly beasts roaming Fortuna III!     

Welcome to Fortuna III

Back in the day, Fortuna III was valued by the plethora of its treasures and resources. Now, the civilization of this mysterious planet has been wiped out by a ravaging storm, the Cycle. The survivors had to find a safe haven on the orbiting Prospect Station. However, even though the radioactive storm is still a threat, the surface of Fortuna III is full of treasures waiting to be discovered.  

Team up or go on a solitary journey to look for rare resources. But remember about the risks! Recklessness can lead you to face a pack of sneaky Striders or a terrifying Crusher. Try not to give your position away and slide past other players and beasts lurking in the wild.  

Buy The Cycle: Frontier Closed Beta on GAMIVO

Calm above the storm 

In the safety of Prospect Station, you can use resources found on Fortuna III to improve your personal quarters. Purchase new equipment and complete your faction-based contracts. Adjust your weapons with a variety of mods, upgrade your gear, and unlock new combat options to be ready for another day at the stormy planet. 

Take a leap into this forsaken world where the risk is high and the rewards even higher! 

Buy The Cycle: Frontier Closed Beta on GAMIVO

The Cycle: Frontier key features:

  • A variety of weapon mods.
  • Unlockable combat options.
  • Upgradeable gear.
  • Personal quarters customization.

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