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The Choice of Life: Middle Ages

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Why you should buy Choice of Life: Middle Ages

  • You love choice-driven games,
  • Medieval times is favorite historical period,
  • You want to see whether you’d survive in Middle Ages.

Choice of Life: Middle Ages

Back in medieval times, life was nothing but difficult! See whether you’d survive the hardships, make meaningful choices and see their outcome! Start your journey as a peasant and slowly make your way to the castle, climbing your career ladder. With new choices every attempt, randomized experience, and light humor, the game is going to be a perfect title for everyone who wants to relax after a long day!

This or that?

Choice of Life: Middle Ages is a narrative-driven game with a very simple mechanic: choose one of two reactions to a given situation and see what happens! No choice is easy: sometimes the most obvious answer or reaction might result in terrible consequences! Play carefully or simply do whatever feels good at the moment. Thanks to these simple mechanics, Choice of Life: Middle Ages is a fun and entertaining game. 

Light entertainment

Choice of Life: Middle Ages is a perfect game to chill out. It's filled with humor and thanks to dozens of different choices, you can replay the game without feeling it's repetitive. Venture the world of Choice of Life: Middle Ages to find out where your choices lead you! Good luck and watch out, because life in the Middle Ages was everything but easy!

Key features

  • A simple but eye-pleasing art style,
  • Different choices every new attempt,
  • Randomized experience and high replayability.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements   
System Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Processor 2.0+ GHz
Graphics card    Radeon HD5450 or better; 512 MB or higher
Drive Space 600 MB available space
DX Version 9.0c

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