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Summoners Fate

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D20Studios, LLC


D20Studios LLC, WhisperGames

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Summoners Fate is a roguelike adventure game that fuses traditional turn-based combat with tactical card combat. Set in the fantasy land known as the Multiverse, you're tasked with the challenge of guiding summoners through perilous quests in search of hidden secrets, powerful cards, titanious team members, and mutated rabbits.

The Multiverse is inspired by traditional tabletop environments, stretching from its frozen peaks to barren deserts and colorful woodland to dingy dungeons. Each world offers its own characters to find, mysteries to unravel and bosses to slay.

Summoners Fate draws its inspiration from classic tabletop games like Hero Quest and Talisman, combining tactical combat with thoughtful events decided with the trusty roll of a D20. Exploring the Multiverse is done in real-time, allowing you to uncover lore scrolls, shop for powerful cards and even attend a goblin's birthday party (don't forget your gold).

Combat brings Summoners Fate into a turn-based game where unit positioning is as important as your spell casting. These tense encounters play out in arena-style maps where the environment isn't just for show, it's a key part of the battlefield. Equip powerful armor from a statue mid-fight. Slam your foes into a wall of spikes. Transform a tree behind enemy lines into an allied fighter. How you control the battlefield is your choice.

  • 4 Worlds to explore, each with its own events, characters, and bosses.
  • 8 Summoners to guide through an adventure, each offering a unique ability for you to master.
  • Over 30 characters to meet through world events, all of which can join your adventure.
  • Over 300 cards you can collect on your quest to build the perfect deck.
  • PvE Battle mode, the perfect arena to master your favorite Summoner.

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