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Slitterhead PRE-ORDER

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Why you should buy Slitterhead:

  • You enjoy horror games with terrifying monstrosities.
  • You loved the Silent Hill, Siren, and Gravity Rush franchises created by the same author.
  • You are excited about a thrilling experience.

A team of all-stars

Slitterhead is the upcoming game announced by Bokeh Game Studio led by Keiichiro Toyama. It’s going to be created by a team of experienced gaming personalities – co-developer Junya Okura (previously working for PlayStation Japan) and Akira Yamaoka responsible for the soundtrack, to begin with.

Back to classics

The trailer of Slitterhead gives us a peek at the general concept. From what we can see there, the game looks like a comeback to the old-school horror games. The trailer features a few monstrosities who seem to be regular people infected with some kind of parasite. Or the other way around, the creatures take on the human form.

The promising sneak peek

Taking both the master team and the well-received trailer, we have quite high expectations for Slitterhead. The game is predicted to release in 2023, so we still have to wait to gather more information about this upcoming title.

Slitterhead: key features

  • Team of horror-masters creators,
  • Promising trailer,
  • Old-school horror games vibe.

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