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QubicGames S.A.


Untold Tales

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Welcome interplanetary traveler!

In a nutshell, Robonauts is that arcade game that includes 12 levels. Each level will challenge you. You will explore a universe that consists of nearly 50 planets, facing Bosses and creatures and meeting powerful opponents bent on universal destruction.

Robo is a little robot whose curiosity got the better of him and led to his sudden exit from the confines of his safe environment. Now, little Robo is far from home, fighting for his life against a constant barrage of enemies. When developing Robonauts, we chose to give Robo human traits based on our own emotional experience. Robo acts like you and me, and we sense his emotions when has to choose between sides in a battle, trying to figure out who the good guys are. Once you get to know him, it’s hard not to love Robo.

While the game is very dynamic, you get to choose your tempo of gameplay. A lot of troubles await you on every planet. We have tried to fill Robo’s universe with enough graphically various worlds that everyone who plays can find a unique favorite to which they can return. The graphics in this game are truly spellbinding. And the color scheme makes the game enjoyable for both kids and the kid inside every adult who remembers what it was like to spend a day in the arcade. We really wanted to recreate the experience of the best arcade games from our childhood, so to pass a level, you have to jump between mesmerizing planets and destroy every opponent that stands in your way. Really, there are no words to adequately describe the Robonaut universe.

Game soundtrack composer, Simon Viklund. Yes, the same Simon Viklund who worked on the PAYDAY series and Bionic Commando Rearmed!!! His music exemplifies the very essence of Robonauts – dynamic, retro, arcade-style, energizing. What Simon has created is not only music for our game, but also the perfect soundtrack to your life - if you're just like us, that is.

  • Great for the whole family.
  • Solo and local co-op.
  • Local versus mode.
  • 12 unique planetary systems.
  • The large variety of weapons and enemies.
  • The explosive art style and graphics.
  • epic music composed by Simon Viklund.
  • easy-to-learn yet challenging gameplay.
  • 2 difficulty settings: casual and hard.

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