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PASSAGE™ is a deceptively simple game where the objective of each level is to find the key and make your way to the exit door. Sounds easy right? WRONG. It's damn hard but you'll find weapons, ammo, power-ups, and treasure that will help make you into an incredible badass that will go on and save those girls. What girls you ask? Well the twin virgins that were taken to be sacrificed, silly!

  • Gritty 16-bit graphics and sounds for an authentic arcade-era feel. You can almost smell the sweat and feel the carpet underneath your feet! And whoa, check out those those scanlines!
  • Roguelike action means PASSAGE™ is never the same game twice. Everything from weapons, power-ups, and warp doors all spawn randomly..but fairly. Your next run could be the one!
  • Insanely fast gameplay: wall jump, wall grab, dodge roll, or even hitch a ride on a chain blade.. they're all excellent ways to get around in PASSAGE™!
  • Stay amped with a pulse pounding soundtrack featuring the music of TOBACCO. If you watch HBO's Silicon Valley then you know him already.. his music graces the opening of every episode!
  • Depending on your skill level, a single run can last for hours or just minutes! PASSAGE™ was designed for maximum replayability(and FUN!) in mind.
  • Blast your way through a maze-like world with 5 stages of ever increasing brutality. Watch out for the spikes, the blades, and over 20 different enemy types! There is no shortage of spectacular ways to die in PASSAGE™!
  • Seven deadly weapons: Axe, Hand Cannon, Machine Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Chaingun, and Lightning Gun all have a very distinct feel and round out a very formidable arsenal.
  • 9 magical power-ups(and counting) that you collect and use when you're ready. For example: activate the latest power-up, "Night Vision", to see all the nasties hiding in every nook and cranny! It even reveals obscured treasure chests!

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